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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  January 10, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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buses will still be allowed on the span. they will be escorted through the construction zone. walkers and bicyclists will be allowed on the east sidewalk. cal trans estimates 160,000 cars drive over the golden gate bridge every weekend. we are live near the bay bridge toll plaza with more. you got the traffic there behind you. >> reporter: lots of traffic. traffic is pretty heavy here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's always -- >> looks like we lost her. we'll continue to follow that. as you can see, just from looking at that span, we usually see that in the morning at the height of the rush hour commute. awfully backed up.
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we'll continue our coverage of the closure on our website. once again you can find that at two suspected burglars arrested in one of san jose's most upscale neighborhoods. last night, neighbors spotted two men trying to break into a home. this is near the silver creek country club. one suspect was arrested immediately. the other was found hiding in a garbage can a half a mile away. the area has been in the news recently because it is where a couple 49ers got into trouble with the law. aldon smith was arrested for drunk driving there and donald no longer with the team for a subsequent offense. take a good look at this picture here. san jose police are looking for this man. he robbed a bank yesterday morning at gunpoint.
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it happened at the u.s. bank inside safeway. a tip could lead to a cash reward. new details tonight in the murders that left four men dead in san francisco. police reveal that the car that they were in when they were gunned down was stolen. it was about 10:00 last night. the stolen black 2005 honda was double parked when the victims were attacked. responding officers got a description of that car seen leaving the area of the shooting. >> we have got multiple gunshot wounds here. >> i've got possible suspects when you're ready. >> go ahead. >> it's a silver newer model vehicle possibly a scion, and it was seen going down octavius
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toward the freeway. cal train is back up and running after an accident shutdown southbound tracks for hours. a person was hit by a train less than a mile south of the station. no one aboard the train was hurt. the identity of the person killed has not been released and neither have the details of the death. security forces remain on high alert tonight as the search goes on for a woman that is a suspected accomplice in this weekend's deadly attacks. four people were killed in yesterday's hostage situation. this is the head of a massive rally that will take place tomorrow. we have more on how it is bringing together citizens and world leaders in a show of solidarity. >> reporter: the city is still quite tense. there are people in paris,
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shoppers are out, but there's a lot of unease. today there were two false alarms that people reacted quite seriously to. there was a gunman by a subway station and an attack on a synagogue. police scrambled, but they were false alarms. this is not a city who is accustomed to having gunmen walking through the streets the ak-47s. this square will have a big demonstration tomorrow. perhaps hundreds of thousands are expected to march through the streets of france and across the city to express solidarity and to condemn these murders. the country is still on alert because security officials are still looking for one suspect the female suspect. the associate of the militant who went into that kosher
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supermarket, took hostages and killed four of them. at this stage, her whereabouts remain unknown. >> there are reports that the female suspect hayat boumediene left france and traveled via turkey to syria. we have not confirmed those reports. thousands gathering in solidarity with france. massive crowds gathering in new york, philadelphia and north carolina expressing their outrage over shootings and the week of terror that left 17 people dead. some had signs of blow-ups of cartoons for which the journalists were killed. >> so it's made me feel like i really need to come out today and show solidarity. >> president obama offered his
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condolences as well as his support for france, which is the united states oldest ally. more than a million people expected to take part in a rally in paris tomorrow. it took crews two hours today to lift the tail off the ocean floor. divers are scouring the seabed for the plane's black boxes. they did detect ping sounds. 48 bodies have been recovered since the plane crashed with 162 people on board. coming up next, close but no cigar. how the mission fell short of expectations. it is a travel destination for some home for others. still to come, a new documentary series reveals the untold story of the people the places, and the moments which make the bay area special. a live look at the golden gate bridge right now.
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it is closed, as you hopefully know. people working to get that barrier up. we'll be right back.
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let's take you out live to where all the action is. the golden gate bridge close right now. crews are installing a movable
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median median. you can see how easy it is to drift one way or the other. this will hopefully prevent that. 87% of the barrier is in place right now. you can see them quite busy at work. spacex launched his falcon 9 rocket today, but it ended with a crash. this is the good part. here's the blastoff in cape canaveral florida. it was taking 5200 pounds of payload to the space station. it was supposed to land on an unmanned barge in the atlantic. apparently, it was going too fast. it crashed. rocket made it to drone spacesport ship, but landed
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hard. close but no cigar this time. bodes well for the future. >> that's pretty remarkable. >> it was the speed. it wasn't the accuracy. they're halfway through. coming up, we have your weekend forecast. he'll be back after this.
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you're looking at a live picture of the big story of the night. getting in that barrier right down the middle of the golden gate bridge. as you can see, they have a lot of people working on it right now. 87% completed as far as putting the barrier in. it doesn't mean it is going to be opening earlier than scheduled. it is going to be closed throughout today and all through tomorrow. keep it right here. we'll let you know if it is going to be opening earlier than the scheduled time. let's give you a live look at san francisco from the east bay. this is always a remarkable shot. our mixture of natural beauty world class beauty, and sports makes it a destination for people around the globe. a documentary series will reveal the untold stories of the people, the places, and the moments of what make living here
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so special. it is often the defeats which steal the nerve of the team propelling them to the ultimate triumph. our exertcerpt begins in the locker room. >> we were all on our knee to say a prayer. bill was going to say something and dwight hix stood up and he said, hey, i want to say something. i want everybody in this room -- you know how bad we feel right now. we feel like our guts have been torn out. i want everybody here to remember this feeling and i want you to think about it every day, every day in the off-season, and carry this with you because when
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we go to camp in july, we're on a mission and nobody is going to stop us. this will never happen again. and that's how it started. >> and live up to it they did. how it ended was with a victory in super bowl xix in palo alto. >> to me, one of the great teams in the history of the game of football. when you look at the body of work and the players on that team, to me man for man, there's never been a more talented team than the 1984 super bowl team. >> bill walsh knew it. >> of course his great moment in 1984 in the locker room before the super bowl of him dancing floating around the
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locker room shadow boxing. that day was a great day because you saw him relax in a different way in a different way. here is your head coach shadow boxing, talking about mohammed ali. here he is taking one team that had only lost one game playing many the greatest game elevating his group of guys to achieve what a lot would say you know camelot. >> the final score saw the 49ers victorious 38-16. the party was on. >> to actually win the super bowl in your backyard to win it at home yeah, it was a lot to celebrate. a lot to celebrate. >> a lot to celebrate indeed.
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a lot of people looking forward to seeing that. to see more make sure you stay tuned to nbc bay area right after the super bowl for bay area revelations the super 7. >> it's not going to happen for them this year. >> right. >> we wonder what it might be like next year. checking in now for our forecast. >> we're looking forward at least to a chance of a few sprinkles in a few spots overnight. high pressure in control of our weather. a few high clouds there in san francisco. currently 56 degrees. you can see the traffic there on the bay bridge heading into san francisco. right now, 55 degrees. not a lot of wind, but still a lot of high pressure on top acting like a lid over the bay area. unfortunately, it's a
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combination of that bay area geography and the weather pattern, which is giving us these bad area quality days. as the air settles into the bay area overnight, as the air cools, it acts like a little bit of a lid over the bay area overnight. it can't just clear the smoke out. during the day tomorrow, another spare the air day. this is the tenth in a row we've seen. by time we get into monday night and tuesday, we're hoping for some changes and the wind will continue to pick up. mid to high level clouds going on by. not enough to produce any rain just yet, but the radar showing a few returns here. the main action is certainly to the south. if you head down to southern california tomorrow you can see some rain there. this high to the west is acting like a shield. we have two systems kind of skirting on by. tomorrow we'll start off with some clouds maybe a brief shower or two, especially south of san jose.
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another system drops in up and over the bay area. we're not going to get any rain out of it, but it should start to increase the wind. if that wind picks up during the day tuesday, that will hopefully break us out of the bad air quality. low 60s around san jose. upper 50s to near 60 in san francisco. as we head back to the workweek you'll notice here not much change. it will be breezy at times into tuesday, but then as we head towards friday, more clouds. in the case of santa rosa to the knot bay north bay, mostly cloudy skies. thursday and friday finally begins to give away so by late friday into saturday we'll get some much needed rain and better air quality we hope around the bay area. where this may impact next
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week's forecast we hope we get that rain coming on back. in the meantime another spare the air day. we hope this pattern holds because right now we're on pace with that record-setting dry january last year. no measurable rainfall around the bay area. back to you. >> let's hope so. that sets us up for the whole year. still to come, a story very important for peggy, especially. a warning about too many selfies. >> i don't hardly ever post selfies. what disturbing traits does that mean if you are constantly lyly uploading the selfies.
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well, take a look at this. a live look here at the construction on the golden gate bridge right now installing that center median. they were gathered around to take a couple of pictures. you can see them sort of breaking away right now to get back to work on this $30 million project replacing those yellow plastic pylons there. it is a movable barrier depending on the traffic flow. we have to talk about this excessive selfie issue by men. it could be a red flag for anti-social behavior. it is the first study of its kind published in the journal of personality. researchers say they focused on ornamentalon on men who posted more photos of themselves online. that doesn't mean that men who
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post selfies are all narcissists, but they have a higher than average anti-social traits. they focused on men for whatever reason. all right. and the golden globe for best motion picture goes to "selma" and "into the woods." the people behind the glitch said it was an error. it shouldn't have gone out. they took the test live with two randomly chosen movie titles. they say they have no knowledge of the winners, no knowledge whatsoever. only the accounting firm ernst
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and young has access to that. >> we'll be right back.
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an abandoned pooch getting a new lease on life and it all starts with a new look. >> take a look at what workers found in a san francisco dump in december. this poor fella. after being nursed back to health he got a good haircut. you'll never believe it. she's very healthy and ready to be adopted. one of her suitors is one of the people who actually found her in the dump. talk about a makeover there. that is one heck of a makeover right? >> from the dump to the throne. >> right.
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a good home. >> in a few minutes we'll have an update on the golden gate bridge closure.
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right now at 6:00, the golden gate bridge shut down.
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crews have been working for 18 hours now. we're going to have an inside look at the progress they are making. good evening, everyone. >> happening now, a live look at the golden gate bridge from our nbc chopper. it is pretty empty right now, except of course for construction workers who are installing a movable barrier. a huge project here and the longest closure in the bridge's 78 year history. it's never been shut down this long. we have live team coverage for you tonight. christie, how is all that work coming along? >> reporter: well good progress. hard to believe but this barrier is almost entirely laid down, 87%. as you can imagine, the golden gate bridge district feeling pretty good about that but that doesn't mean 87% of the entire project, what's going on this


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